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Pokemon X and Y Special Trailer!
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Dinosaur Explanation Post

Just making a quick post to explain some dinosaurs to people, for a lot of people seem to be getting REALLY confused as to what species Rampardos is.

Rampardos is NOT a T-rex.

Rampardos is actually a dinosaur called a Pachycephalosaurus, or perhaps better known as a Bonehead (both as a common nickname and one that was used in The Land Before Time). You can tell by the beak and the head. In fact, it is a herbivore, so it doesn’t even eat meat. You can see the Bonehead picture right beside Rampardos, very easy to see the relationship.

Tyranitar is shown in this explanation, for Tyranitar actually is part T-rex (TYRANitar), BUT Tyranitar is actually more based off of Godzilla, a mix of several dinosaurs. This includes T-rex, Stegosaurus, Iguanodon, and a few other species. I posted a picture of a Stegosaurus beside Tyranitar so you can see the similarities, and there is a T-rex beside Tyrantrum so you can see that too.

Finally, we have Tyrantrum, which has a picture of a T-rex beside it. You can clearly see that this one is truly based off of a T-rex, unlike the common mistakes people make for the other fossils.

I hope this helped clear up any fossil confusion. uwu

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love fossils


love fossils

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Tyrantrum should probably be throwing a tantrum instead of pouting.


Tyrantrum should probably be throwing a tantrum instead of pouting.

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I’m bored and I did a thing


I’m bored and I did a thing

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★けろまつ — 勘助

けろまつ — 勘助

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